An intimate glimpse into the design concepts behind Pressed.’s space.

Carefully crafted by Travis Tucker and Nathan Todd, the Pressed. bar and event space is unlike any other space in Columbia. Pressed. is made up of three uniques spaces that work together to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you are hosting an event or simply stopping in for a cocktail, discover the inspired spaces that make up the Pressed. bar and event space.

The Bar and Cocktail Lounge

The happiest hour is always at Pressed. For those who prefer a more intimate experience, they can sip on their favorite drink in our cocktail lounge. Designed with the help of New Yorker Jack Chase, Pressed. brings a big city vibe to downtown Columbia. Yet, traditional odes to the Mid-Missouri region are still reflected throughout the space. The Sho Sugi Ban wall perfectly meshes both flavors.

Sho Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese technique that involves charring wood to create a signature blue/black crocodile finish. Each plank of wood was hand harvested in southern Missouri, a subtle nod to owner Travis Tucker’s childhood roots.

In both restrooms, the hand painted gold and silver murals that depict the great Missouri outdoors have made the Pressed bathroom a favorite spot for selfies.

The Rooftop Patio

If you’re craving an urban escape, look no further than the penthouse floor of 803 E. Walnut. The patio is home to a second bar, chic white sofas, and intimate nooks. At night, the patio comes alive with color changing furniture and a sleek fireplace. Coupled with stunning sunsets and cityscape views, the rooftop patio brings a metropolitan atmosphere to the heart of Columbia.

The Event Space

The event space has housed events ranging from holiday parties, yoga sessions, live musical performances, and more. Equipped with audio and visual equipment, the space works for you. Pure white walls and large exotic greenery make the space flexible for any occasion. The furniture, custom made in Spain and Italy, is characterized by clean lines and modern shapes. All of the event space’s furniture is movable and can be shaped into any layout that you desire.

Each space in Pressed. is available for rent. For large parties or private events, the entire bar is available. Contact us today to get your next event on the calendar.