As the sun sets over Columbia, the evening teases its appearance with a slight darkness as streaks of blood-orange hues glow on the glass panels bordering Pressed.’s rooftop. The rooftop’s killer view has become Pressed.’s signature.

A patron’s experience includes the sights, smells, and sounds they instantly feel walking into a space. At Pressed. we consider every part of the bar playing into the menu. We want them to remember the ambiance, the environment, and the overall experience as much as what’s in their glass.

The Pressed. Look

A large glass door separates the rooftop from the main room. The main room is adorned with black and white furniture, which echoes the modern art that showcases artistic geometry and thoughtful subtlety.

In the center of Pressed. are matte-black, egg-shaped seats, curved to cushion your body while you sip on your cocktail. In every corner of the room sits a potted fan plant that transports the patron to a chic getaway.

The Sights and Sounds of the Bar

Observing the bartender create a drink from scratch is a magical experience in itself. Backlit by Columbia’s skyline, one of Pressed.’s bartenders juggles various utensils to make one of Pressed.’s signature drinks- the bleu rosemary lemonade.

The bleu rosemary lemonade is a true summer delight. It’s a mixture of blueberry vodka, blueberry simple syrup, house lemonade, and Riesling, garnished with fresh rosemary and lemon.

Watching as the strainers and shakers are thrown into the air and fly back into the bartenders’ hands is hypnotic. The stirring spoon clinking over ice cubes adds to the anticipation. The ingredients are poured, filling the glass with a nebula of colors.

Not only does the taste of the drink arouse your taste buds, the drink gives into its environment, gifting an unforgettable experience to the bargoer.

Why not let Pressed. open up that experience for you?